Q: How do you make the Molllaaart edit photos (on the Instagram)?

A: I use Photoshop-- I free hand the doodles, swirls, and spikes and play around with different colors and designs. Sometimes I import 2D drawings from my sketchbook. Here is a video I made to show you guys my process and how to do it!

Q: How do you make / get the products (calllaaarts, walllaaarts, etc)?

A: I partner with a company called Teelaunch that prints a variety of products on demand. I simply send in the designs from Photoshop and they create the items.

Q: I want a custom canvas (walllaaart) with my own pictures on it. How do I do this?

Molllaaart CustomArt recently came out, and now you can buy any product with any design. Simply head to the Order CustomArt page and fill out the form with your information. You can link a VSCO account, Instagram page, or even describe any design / image you want -- I can make it happen! You can also head to the Shop CustomArt to check out what other people have purchased.